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Essential Things to Know About A Workplace Injury Claim

Though workplace accidents have lessened throughout the decades after the implementation of safety measures and healthcare standards, workplace accidents can still happen. And when they do, they can leave you distressed, confused, and maybe even injured.

Upholding the safety standards of a workplace is the job of the employer; so that their employees can work safely and without injury. And if it is a workplace with technical work going on, then it is also the responsibility of the employer to train their employee properly and accordingly and provide them with the appropriate equipment required for safety.

A workplace injury can be caused by many different things, and if it happens to you then you can make an injury claim. Let’s discuss the essential parts of a workplace injury claim.

Evidence Collection

Evidence is obviously the most important part of any successful claim. You need to gather evidence, preferably graphic evidence. Photos and videos. Anything that can show negligence or bad practice on the part of the company is considered important.

It is best to take photos and videos of where the accident occurred. And if you can portray the factors that led up to the accident, that will only serve to strengthen your case. Though, it is important to make sure that taking photos and videos is allowed where the incident happened, otherwise the organization might penalize you.

This evidence will be vital in preserving the original scene of the accident, in case your employer cleans up where the accident happened to damage the integrity of your case.

No Record of Accident

Workplaces keep records of accidents that may occur to keep things in line. But if by some circumstance, your accident is not recorded, either by accident or on purpose by the organization, then there is no need to worry. Your claim can still be eligible, as long as you find someone, a colleague who witnessed the incident to testify.

Maintain Personal Injury Record

To keep your case strong, you need to have evidence of your injury. In this case photos and videos are good, but what can supplement is the record of your injury. If you are injured, then it is best to record every detail of the injury that you suffered and the symptoms that you have felt. And getting your officials records from the hospital is also beneficial. Keeping a record will help your recovery and your case. It is not recommended to ignore an injury as it might develop into something much more serious.

Injury claims can up to months and even years to be resolved. In such cases, if you keep track of your injury, its severity and its healing time, it can show how bad the injury was, and hard it affected you due to the negligence of the organization. And it can help you win your claim.

Maintain Personal Financial Record

Money is important to everyone. So, you are put at a distinct disadvantage when you suffer an injury. It can put you out of work, and you start losing pay. And you can even miss out on promotions or raises that you had your eye on. That can severely affect your accounts. This missed income can also be claimed.

Other expenses like medical bills, travel bills, and all extra expenditures that you had to do due to the injury that you suffered can and should be claimed. This is why maintaining a proper and organised record of every expense is important so that you can present it in the claim.

Making the Claim

Injuries in a workplace can be due to many factors, so if you are sure that you were not responsible for the injury that you suffered and that it was due to negligence or irresponsibility of the organization, then you should get in touch with a solicitor and get to work on submitting an injury compensation claim as soon as possible. A solicitor will guide you in putting together a case and help you organize and refine your approach. And they will also fight on your behalf. Hiring a good personal injury solicitor is considered half the work because of their knowledge in handling such cases and how they work.


If you have been in a workplace accident and have suffered an injury that you want to claim for, then it is recommended to get a solicitor. At Wallace Legal, we offer the services of personal injury lawyers in Aberdeen, Glasgow and other locations. Our solicitors are the best in Scotland and will make sure to get the most out of your claim.