Dog Bite Compensation Claims

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Claim Compensation For Your Dog Bite Injuries


The United Kingdom is known for its love for animals. In fact, twenty-six per cent of all pet owners are dog owners. While dogs are known for their loyalty, friendliness and natural charm, they can sometimes attack.

Dogs can be a reason for numerous injuries, including bites, scratches, cuts, bruises and more. The damage that results from the dog may lead to scarring, tissue damage, broken bones, nerve injuries, potential disability, puncture wounds, along with psychological trauma. Taking this into account, most people submit dog bite claims in Scotland.

What are Dog Bite Claims?

Dog owners have a responsibility to manage the behaviour of their dogs. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog and can prove the owner was responsible by not taking reasonable care, you may be able to make a dog bite claim. Dog bite claims provide you with compensation for your injuries. These injuries can be both physical and psychological. However, in the case of the latter, you may require a formal report created by a mental health professional.

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    At Wallace Legal, we have a team of highly trained solicitors offering legal assistance with dog bite claims.  Here are a few steps you can take before submitting a dog bite claim:

    • Inform the pet owner and exchange phone numbers.
    • Visit a hospital. Be sure to keep a copy of all your medical reports.
    • Submit a police report.
    • Collect photo evidence of your injuries.
    • Contact the experts at Wallace Legal, so our team can handle the legalities of the case.

    Different Types Of Dog Bite Injuries

    Dog bites are extremely traumatising and painful. These injuries can have a serious impact on your life. Some of the common injuries that result from dog bites are:

    • Scratches
    • Tissue or muscle damage
    • Permanent and vivid scars
    • Damaged or broken bones
    • Temporary, and in some cases, permanent disability or disfigurement
    • Serious infections
    • Wounds
    • Mental distress and psychological trauma

    How To Submit A Dog Bite Claim

    If you’re ever attacked by a dog, make sure you do all the following to win your compensation claim:

    • Seek medical treatment at your earliest
    • Find and inform the dog owner about the incident and get all their contact details along with insurance details- if they have any
    • Get in touch with the Police department
    • Take several pictures of your injuries
    • Immediately connect with our professional dog bite claim solicitors. We will respond to your application as soon as we receive it, and will let you know the time your claim process will take along with the compensation money you are entitled to. We have employed the best team of lawyers to ensure your compensation claim is not compromised.

    Wallace Legal extends a No Win No Fee policy to ensure that you are provided with professional representation before submitting your claim. Under this agreement, you do not have to pay the legal fee if your case is not successful. With that said, the team at Wallace Legal have earned a high success rate. Contact us today to submit a dog bite claim.

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