Dental Nerve Damage Claim

Dental Nerve Damage Claim 

Dentists, like all other healthcare professionals, have a duty of care to their patients and should be held liable if something goes wrong. Most importantly, we will need to see our dentist for all kinds of dental problems. Meanwhile, a dental nerve damage claim occurs when you make a claim against your dentist for medical negligenceduring a dental procedure. As a consequence, the negligence causes pain, discomfort, mental stress, and further complications. Therefore, if you suffer from dental nerve damage, you can make a claim for it as well. 

Dental nerve damage symptoms 

Symptoms of nerve damage after a root canal or any dental procedure can be very harsh. Although dental nerve damage can be temporary or permanent, with the following symptoms: 

  • total numbness of the teeth.  
  • tingling sensations and numbness in the gums, mouth, jaw, or face. 
  • loss of taste. 
  • Difficulty in speaking and chewing. 

Medical negligence leading to a dental nerve damage claim 

Dental nerve injury occurs commonly due to medical negligence nerve damage, such as: 

  • A dental nerve injury is the most common after wisdom tooth removal. 
  • If the dentist doesn’t pay attention to the nerves next to the teeth that are being removed, nerve damage can happen. 
  • It can also occur when a dentist drills too far into the jaw canal. 
  • When an implant is too long, pressing on the nerve, it may also cause damage. 
  • Thirdly, dental malpractice in an endodontic surgery may also cause dental nerve damage. 

Can I sue my dentist for nerve damage? 

Yes, you can! While nerve damage can have serious consequences, you can make a dental nerve damage claim with your dentist. Some treatments, including root canals, may cause nerve damage or even require the removal of a nerve. However, your dentist must take steps to avoid damaging the surrounding nerves. These include x-rays of the treatment area, descriptions of probable nerve hazards, etc. If he fails to do so, the dentist will be liable for it. 

Settlements for dental nerve damage in Scotland 

It’s impossible to say how much compensation you could get for a dental nerve damage claimwithout knowing your situation. However, your claim will be based on the following: 

  • General Damages: You can make a claim for pain and suffering due to bodily or mental injuries. Also, if your disabilities prevent you from doing something you normally do, you may claim it as well. 
  • Special Damages: Expenses, losses, and costs incurred due to injuries may be recovered. You could ask the accused to pay for your private therapy. Also, you may be eligible to retrieve the loss of earnings as well as your travel expenses. 

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