Dental Malpractice Root Canal

Dental Malpractice Root Canal 

If you had a root canal to relieve pain from a damaged tooth but then got injured, you could be confused. Dental malpractice root canal caused by a negligent dentist can be claimed. And we also often receive claims for poor root canal treatments very frequently.  

Although it’s a difficult dental procedure to master, but not impossible. Most dentists treat our teeth well. Still, medical negligence is unacceptable. Some severe outcomes require long-term care and extensive therapy. Even unintentionally caused injuries should be reimbursed. And for that, don’t stress out on the claiming procedure, as we are here to help! 

Types of dental negligence root canal

There are numerous examples of dental malpractice while performing a root canal, such as: 

  • The most prevalent is that root canals are often performed needlessly. It could be because they misjudged the tooth damage or seek to claim the insurance company for a non-medical surgery. Unnecessary surgery is dental malpractice
  • Drilling deeply into the tooth is another root canal medical negligence. Moreover, this can cause infection, edema, and failure of the procedure. It can cause major gum and jaw bone injury and perhaps even tooth loss. 
  • Also, inadequately cleaning the inside of the tooth is indeed malpractice too. In such cases, a root canal leaves some of the root inside the tooth. Therefore, it causes the root to get infected, resulting in intense pain, swelling, and oral damage. 
  • Not re-filling the tooth with plenty of core might cause infection. In addition, Poor post insertion might cause the root canal operation to fail. This can also cause the tooth to fracture or crack. 
  • It is also part of dental negligence to place an incorrectly sized crown on a tooth. This causes food impaction along the crown, which causes infection and numerous periodontal disease.  

How much compensation for dental negligence? 

Since root canal therapy is an intrusive procedure, complications may arise during or after it, decreasing the odds of success. You can make a claim against your dentist if he: 

  • Unable to totally eliminate the nerve  
  • Mishandled instruments through the side of the tooth 
  • Not obtaining informed consent 
  • Not advising them of less expensive options. 
  • Caused pain or infection causing acts during the root canal surgery. 

Claim your dental malpractice root canal 

We know how difficult it can be to make a claim for a dental malpractice root canal compensation. Your injuries may still be bothering you or causing you pain. However, you must act quickly to obtain your deserved payment. Making a personal injury claim is easy with Wallace Legal. The moment you contact us; our best dental negligence solicitors will start working on assisting you. 

Consult the best solicitors in Scotland  

Personal injury claims have a three-year limitation period. So, contact our best solicitor for you as soon as you suspect wrongdoing. Call us or fill out our online form. We hope to serve you in your claim. Contact us if you have any questions like “Is a dentist liable for a failed root canal?”