Damage Caused by Taxi Accident

Damage Caused by Taxi Accident 

In big cities, taxi cabs are frequently involved in traffic accidents. For instance, a taxi may hit your car, or you may be a passenger in a taxi that crashes. The fact that a taxi was involved in an accident does not stop you from making a claim for the damage caused by taxi accident.  

It may impact the outcome of your claim because cab drivers are clever. They often strongly deny responsibility for the car accident. Let’s examine these examples in more detail. 

Common Causes of Taxi Accident Claims 

Firstly, you have three years to make a claim for compensation after a taxi driver accident. But, it isn’t always the case. For a taxi driver accident claim, we frequently find the following possibilities: 

  • Accident with a third-party driver responsible 
  • Taxi driver accountability in car crashes 
  • Injuries sustained by taxi passenger due to non-seatbelt use 
  • Taxi rider injury due to road sliding 
  • Taxi hits pedestrian. 

Can a Passenger claim for damage caused by taxi accident? 

If you were wounded in a taxi, you may be allowed to claim for it. Moreover, If the accident occur due to the other driver’s irresponsibility, you may be able to make a compensation claim for dangerous driving. Although, you will have to consult a solicitor in your case and be sure where you stand. 

If the driver of the taxi you were in was guilty for the accident, you would undoubtedly make a claim against them. This includes cab services like Uber, Lyft etc.  

To Do’s to claim damage caused by taxi accident 

To claim the damage caused by taxi accident, you must acquire the following details: 

  • Obtain the taxi registration number, car registration number, and insurance details of the taxi driver.  
  • Gather the name and address, vehicle details, and insurance details of any other vehicles involved in the accident.   
  • Seek medical assistance as soon as possible after the accident to ensure a proper examination of your injuries.  
  • Discuss with our best solicitors for you, about assisting you in making a claim with the Injuries Board on your behalf. 

How long do I have to make a claim? 

Making a personal injury claim is only possible within 3 years of the occurrence. Exceptions to the time-period include: 

  • If the injured person is unable to make a claim himself, there is no deadline. 
  • Additionally, Minors can appeal after their 19th birthday as well. 
  • If an uninsured car caused the injury, the Motor Insurers Bureau may be responsible and complained about.  
  • If your injuries were purposefully caused, you may make a claim under the CICA regulations. Therefore, in such a scenario, the CICA claims deadline is 2 years. 

Average settlement taxi cab accident  

Once you are wounded in a taxi accident, you can conveniently claim for your pain and suffering. Furthermore, you can make a claim for your lost earnings as well.  

Our courteous and competent team of best solicitors in Scotland can handle your claim completely. We can help with: 

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