Construction Site Accident

Construction Site Accident 

Construction sites can be extremely risky. Dealing with construction equipment, laboring at heights, weight lifting, and even working with dangerous chemicals or electricity all present risks. Construction site accident statistics are the most prevalent according to the Department of Health. However, if you need a personal solicitor to fight for your cause, contact Wallace Legal. We have a longstanding track record of success for construction accident compensation claims. Hence, there’s a strong chance we’ve dealt with and resolved a scenario similar to yours. 

Construction site accident examples 

Despite the strict health and safety regulations, building site injuries and accidents are very frequent. Nevertheless, the smallest construction job can produce significant injuries and life-altering disorders. Injuries on construction sites are usually caused by a disregard for health and safety regulations. In addition, injuries at construction sites are frequently caused by inadequate health and safety equipment, poor maintenance, insufficient training, or industrial negligence. Falling from ladders, heights, or fallen scaffolding can cause significant construction accidents. 

Common Injuries on the construction site tend to involve: 

  • Heatstroke and hypothermia. 
  • Repetitive strain injury. 
  • Slips, trips and falls 
  • Caught in a collapsed or flipped object. 
  • Malfunctioning machinery constantly resulting in injuries.

Can I make a construction accident compensation claim? 

Yes! If you were injured since your employer, landlord, or contractor didn’t follow the safety rules, get medical help right away. After your treatment, you should notify your employer in written as well as save a copy for your records. Additionally, you should also contact a construction injury solicitor to discuss your compensation options.  Industrial injuries are often covered by worker’s compensation laws, limiting your ability to make a claim for the people responsible for your injuries. Further, a professional solicitor can demonstrate how workers’ compensation and personal injury claims connect and help you decide what to do about it. 

Who is liable for a building site accident? 

A building site may involve many subcontractors and site managers. Similarly, there may also be crane drivers and technicians on site. Therefore, all building sites should be closely supervised because mistakes can be harmful. If you hurt yourself on a work site, you may not know who to blame. Employers are responsible for protecting their staff from harm, which means: 

  • Providing workers with appropriate training  
  • guaranteeing that floors and corridors are clean and not risky  
  • ensuring that doors and gates are clear 
  • providing required safety kits for employees  
  • Educate employees for challenging tasks.  

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How to claim for a construction injury? 

Construction site injury liability claims can suddenly become complex. Since, most Defendants will declare that there was no legal obligation breached. To prove the four elements of neglect, you must first identify the liable individual or organization. Similarly, determining who is responsible and caused your injuries is difficult. This can either be a staff member, a contractor, the construction company itself, or the contract administrator.  It’s usually best to speak with a construction site accident solicitor who has handled similar situations. 

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