Complete Guide For Work Accident Claims

Companies all across the UK are now strictly following the standard operating procedures given by the state to ensure the safety of their employees. However, we still witness plenty of workplace incidents in the country. If you happen to be involved in an accident at your office, you should first seek medical aid and get your injuries treated. Since accidents are traumatizing, most people are unable to comprehend what course of action they should take, but it’s very important to take care of certain things to protect your rights. If you fail to follow the right procedure for a work accident case, you will most likely lose the chances of winning any compensation that may be due to you.

Inform Your Supervisor

Since your boss/manager is responsible for providing safety to all the employees working under them, you need to ensure that you get in touch with them immediately after experiencing an accident. Informing them about your accident and injury is significant due to two reasons. First and foremost, your supervisor will definitely have the list of resources with them and will make sure you receive the help you need as early as possible. Secondly, it will be recorded, this will prove at a later date that an incident happened at the workplace that will be taken as a piece of evidence when you claim for compensation. The best idea is to let your manager know about the incident as soon as possible. 

Make A Record Of The Accident

Another most important thing to look after is reporting the entire accident in a book. This will help you in recording all the events that caused the accident and will later support your initial statement given to your supervisor. 

All companies are legally bound to keep an accident book on their premises so that all individuals can record the happening of the incident in that book. Moreover, this book should be accessible to everyone. However, if you fail to find this book in your workplace, you can write a formal report describing the entire incident and get it signed by your manager and send it via email. 

Also, if the accident was very severe causing you to be hospitalised right after the accident, make sure a friend of a colleague at work who saw the happenings writes an interim report until you get the time to make it formal. 

Take Plenty Of Photos Of The Accident Scene

Once you start your work accident claim in Scotland, know that you’ll have to be very meticulous about all the subtle details to make sure you secure your compensation. To strengthen your case, you can take photos and make videos of the accident as evidence. These photos and videos are the best forms of proof that’ll depict whatever happened. 

In addition to this, you should also photograph your injuries right after the accident if you can. These photos will show the extent of your injuries and wounds, but make sure you try and do this before receiving any treatment. 

Make Sure All Details Of the Injuries Are Recorded In Your Medical Records

When you reach the hospital to receive treatment, the staff and nurses will record your statements regarding the accident. They will create records of all your injuries that were seen and treated right after admission. You need to make sure all these records are correctly drafted so that they can support your claim for compensation later. 

Get In Touch With A Personal Injury Solicitor

Suffering an accident at work that happened due to someone else’s negligence entitles you to compensation. However, you should never start this claim process or drop the idea without consulting a legal expert. Personal injury solicitors are experienced professionals who have all the right knowledge in this area, therefore they will be able to ascertain if your case has good prospects and if they believe your claim will ultimately be successful.

Get in touch with Hamilton Douglas Legal and get a free consultation from experts who will tell you about your legal rights and the procedures that need to be followed. Our personal injury solicitors have access to plenty of legal case studies to research precedents, and they can get in touch with medical professionals to get expert testimony for your injuries. This testimony and other details can go a long way in supporting your case.