Compensation for being Knocked off my Bicycle

Compensation For Being Knocked Off My Bicycle

Collisions between bicycles and other vehicles are relatively common in Scotland. Because of their small size and lack of protection, bicyclists are always at risk on the road. Such accidents have a severe impact on an individual’s life. Wallace Legal has the best solicitors in Scotland if you wonder about the compensation for being knocked off my bicycle. A claim for compensation covers your medical expenses, travel costs and lost wages as well. However, each case is unique, so making an accurate estimate of your settlement is impossible. 

Common causes of bicycle accidents 

Generally, road traffic accidents occur because 

  • A car opens its door, hitting a bike. Such a crash can result in significant injuries. 
  • An unobserved car leaving a junction could cause significant injury. Bicycles aren’t always visible, but it’s the driver’s responsibility to watch for them. 
  • It’s risky to change lanes without checking for cyclists. 
  • Drunk driving can cause unnecessary bicycle collisions. 

What cycling injuries are claimable? 

The injuries that people frequently claim after a bicycle accident are: 

How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle—when to claim? 

If you sustain injuries in an accident on your bike, you can opt for the legal process after a bike accident. Moreover, if the accident was not your fault, you will get compensation for all your losses and damages. Meanwhile, there is always a time limit for making a claim. In the case of a bicycle accident, you can claim it up to three years after the accident. On the other hand, there are exceptions for people who can’t claim for themselves, like minors and the elderly. 

What to do if you get knocked off your bike? 

Following an accident, you might have to take care of some important matters. For example, 

  • Get to a safe spot if you have severe injuries from a bicycle accident. 
  • Call the police. 
  • Exchange contact information with the other parties. 
  • Identify witnesses to the accident
  • Take note of any involved vehicles’ registration numbers. 
  • Keep track of your expenses in case you need to claim them. 

How much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle? 

There are many things to consider when calculating knocked off bike by car compensation. Your injuries may cause you to lose your earnings, as well as assistance with care, adjustments, or treatment expenses. A personal injury solicitor will calculate your compensation and negotiate on your behalf. On the other hand, our bicycle accident compensation calculator can also help you get an estimate of your amount. 

Get assistance from the best solicitors for you. 

Our team has handled the most complex accident cases while representing cyclists in all claims. We have worked at our best to collect millions of pounds for those who suffer life-altering injuries in accidents. Also, we provide our clients with “No-Win, No-Fee” claims. 

In fact, our main focus is on securing you the best treatment and financial compensation for your needs. We answer queries like “how much compensation for being knocked off my bicycle” in seconds. Therefore, contact us anytime to get a free consultation on your case.