Car Accidents & How You Can Get The Most Out of Your Compensation Claim

Car Accidents & How You Can Get The Most Out of Your Compensation Claim

Being involved in a car accident is never easy. Especially if it is a car accident where you suffered an injury. There is so much to deal with, and you need to pay so many bills. And paying those bills becomes even harder when you realize that you were not the one at fault for the accident.

On the medical side of things, there is a lot to deal with that isn’t just paying medical bills either. From scans to tests to even surgery. It can take a lot out of you. And it isn’t like traffic accidents are a rare thing. Though throughout the years, with the implementation of road safety laws and other standards, they have decreased massively, the human negligence/malfeasance factor still remains. That is why there are over one hundred thousand car accidents each year.  And if you are involved in one but are not at fault for it, then you can get financially compensated for it.

Let’s see what factors determine getting the most out of your financial compensation claim for a car accident.

Scene of the Accident

So, you get involved in a car accident. The very first thing to do would be to get yourself to safety if needed. Then calling the police should be your next step so that they can come and analyze it. It is also essential to leave everything as it is for the police. And if there were injuries, then you need to be extra careful there. Contact and insurance details should be given to the authorities promptly and exchanged with each other so that proper contact and exchange of information is maintained. And it is better to not allow any other distractions such as fighting and focus on cooperating and working with the authorities to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. And it is best not to leave until the proceedings are completed.

Collect & Organise Information

As said previously, exchanging information such as contact info and insurance info with the authorities and with the person involved in the accident is vital. It is also good to have a talk with the police officers and ask them any questions that you think might be relevant.

Information also includes taking relevant photographic or video evidence. This will help in creating a proper record of the event that occurred and will help you later on with the submission of your claim.

One thing to always watch out for is to never say any more than what is necessary. Whether it be to the authorities or the other person who was involved in a car crash, one wrong word or one harmless little statement and your whole claim can go wrong. So, it is best to collect your information and move on.

Records Will Be Useful

Post-accident, you will probably have bills, maybe even a lot of them, save them. If you have any receipts, save those too. Discarding them is something a lot of people do, but it is not recommended, especially when you are working to submit a compensation claim. These bills and receipts are proof of how much you suffered physically and financially. And as such, they are extremely valuable pieces of evidence to support any claim that you make. And they will be the factor upon which the amount of your compensation claim is based.

It’s Better to Settle With a Lawyer

Many times, the victims accept the settlement offer without consulting or hiring a lawyer. Though it can work out, that circumstance is very rare. Because almost all of the time, the insurance companies or the lawyers of the opposition party from whom you are trying to draw a claim will usually pressure you to accept a lower offer. And that offer will not be fair compensation for what you have been through. So, rather than letting them dictate the terms of the settlement and not giving you the settlement that you deserve, it is better to hire or consult a lawyer that knows how to deal with these situations and can get you the most out of your claim.


Car accidents can be difficult to deal with, and getting the compensation you deserve is important. That is why if you have been involved in a car accident and are looking to submit a proper claim, Wallace Legal can help. We are the best solicitors in the Glasgow area, and we offer reliable guidance in navigating any compensation claims that you may submit.