Global Pandemic

Can this Global Pandemic affect my claim?

Since patient zero of coronavirus appeared in the United Kingdom, several of our clients started asking us if this pandemic would affect the outcome of their medical negligence claim. Over the months since the country has been under lockdown, this concern has been rising drastically.

As the entire world is living in these unprecedented and worrying times, all of your concerns are purely understandable. So much so that we appreciate our clients rising with concern as it shows motivation and that they are adamant about winning.

As Wallace Legal is a licensed and authorised firm, we are obligated to facilitate any issue regarding administrative justice. Hence, we would like to properly ensure for all of our clients and potential clients that we are here to cater to all your needs regardless of the pandemic.

To reinforce this assurance, we would like to tell you that we have significantly upgraded our computers and other IT related equipment. Furthermore, all of our staff has been asked to work from their homes in order to ensure their safety whilst maintaining full communication with them. These actions were taken to make certain that there are no interruptions with all of our work and we will be able to work even more efficiently.

We conduct our professional meetings via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to stay connected with you and keep you in the loop if anything changes. Even in such unfortunate and harsh times, we remain here to aid our clients and potential clients.

The New Normal

Due to the lockdown state, this country is in, it has significantly impacted the court hearings as several of them required physical communications to be conducted. As the courts function on a first-come, first-serve basis, as a result, all of the hearings have been delayed. Of course, as the United Kingdom’s justice system is globally appreciated, all of the court staff including the judges and juries are working tirelessly to make ends meet and ensure you get the justice you deserve. Several court hearings have been conducted on Skype and similar platforms. So, you never know, your turn could be next.

Regarding this, almost all parties related to their case have agreed to show full cooperation and take any necessary steps to get done with the case quickly. Although, in scenarios where medical reports are required, such cases have faced serious delays. As the medical staff are not allowed to see the clients due to social distancing. However, where it is extremely crucial, required steps have been taken.

Time Limits For Claim

As there is a designated expiration time before you can make a claim, due to the lockdown, some exceptions have been made accessible. For example, the allotted time frame to make a claim is 3 years after the occurrence of the incident. As minor kids are applicable to make a claim till their 18th birthday, significant exceptions for them have been made possible too. Such measures have been taken place to preserve the interests of all the concerned parties.

Conclusive thoughts.

Personal injury claims in Glasgow are not taken lightly in the United Kingdom. The solicitors at Wallace Legal work on a no win no fee basis so you can rest assured of the financial stress. Although the chances of your claiming not making the cut are exceptionally low, there are still no upfront costs. As we profit from your success too, your victory is ultimately our victory too. So, to achieve this, we will work tirelessly as possible.

To sum things up, Wallace Legal is one of the leading solicitors’ firms in the United Kingdom, we provide the best service possible. Our solicitors are extremely professional and experienced which can significantly aid your cause. If you require any further information, feel free to reach out to us. Our credentials can be found on our website.