Cosmetic Surgeon

Can I Make A Claim Against a Cosmetic Surgeon for Negligence?

Making a claim against a cosmetic surgeon is the same as claiming against any medical professional for medical negligence. Similar to any other medical professional, cosmetic surgeons are also obligated to take complete care of their patients. Any sort of misconduct or negligence from them can entitle you to make a claim against them. From the first consultation to the aftercare, the duty of taking care of the patients extends every step of the way.

The duty to take care of the patients aside, a patient may have a contract of service with the respected hospital, or institution, and in a case of misconduct, they can be held accountable too. Moreover, before any medical procedures take place, the caretaker or the medical authoritarian is obligated to inform you about any side effects so you could make an informed decision. This is also known as informed consent. This is to make sure that you are informed about everything and are aware of better alternatives.

Your surgeon is obligated by the law to inform you about all the pros and cons involving the cosmetic procedure and give you enough time so you could make a pressure-free decision all by yourself.  Later on, if you find out that you were not allotted this time bracket to make a decision, your surgeon may be in breach of contractual conditions and terms, and you could be entitled to make a claim.

In some rare cases, mistakes are made after conducting the medical procedure or during the time when the patient is recovering. Such mistakes include ignoring to act upon infections. Contracting an infection may not count as negligence but failing to notice it or act upon it does.

What are the types of complications that may arise?

The ubiquitous undertaken procedures are more prone to give birth to complications. These procedures include rhinoplasty or tummy tucks, cosmetic dentistry, breast augmentation and liposuction.

Every type of medical procedure can have potential risks and side effects. This implies complications such as ineffective surgery, faulty implants or tools, and overall damage to the nerves, organs and arteries. After making an informed decision you decide to move forward with the procedure or surgery, the professionals are mandated to give you a valid assurance that chances of risks are minimal.

Imperfect aftercare can also be considered as medical negligence. So, if you were not properly instructed or guided by your professional on how to take care of your wound, then you may have a claim against your medical professional.

If you are not satisfied or are unhappy about the results of your surgery, it is not the same as being a victim of medical negligence but our solicitors at Wallace Legal are happy to discuss with you if you qualify for a claim.

How can it affect me?

The outcome of medical negligence in cosmetic surgery rarely ends in a negative effect on health in a serious way. Patients are normally displeased with the results but there is no harm done to them. However, there are a few instances when the patient has suffered harm, and even long term damage. As mentioned above, if a medical professional fails to detect an infection, in some severe cases, the infection can spread and cause the loss of limbs.

In any case, cosmetic damage is surely a cause of concern. Other than physical harm, mental or psychological stress can also further the cause of your claim. As this psychological harm is not quantifiable, it can significantly add weight to your claim, and assure a potential win.

Conclusive thoughts.

With the experience of solicitors at Wallace Legal, it is very easy to determine whether you qualify for a claim. Furthermore, we work on a no win no fee solicitors basis, so you can rest assured on your money going to waste. As your victory is ultimately our victory, we work tirelessly to ensure your victory. With that being said, if you require any further information, we encourage you to reach out to us via phone or email. Our credentials are available on our website so feel free to visit it.