Bus Injury

Bus Injury 

Passenger transport travel is generally safe in the United Kingdom. But, bus and rail accidents still happen all the time. Generally, you may be entitled to make a bus injury claim if they are inflicted because of someone else’s negligence, even a pedestrian. We specialize in personal injury claims, particularly road traffic accidents. Contact our claim experts for a free legal consultation over the call. If your solicitor believes your bus accident claim has merit, they won’t disappoint you or return without the reimbursement.  

What Happens If Your Bus Gets in an Accident? 

If you are not at fault for a bus accident UK, you may be able to make a claim

  • Against the bus company for failing to ensure safe driving. 
  • A bus manufacturer can be accountable for defective parts. 
  • Other careless drivers can also cause bus accidents. 
  • Pedestrians injured by bus accidents may sue for damages. 

Common Causes of Bus Injury 

Buses are frequently used by the elderly. It’s no surprise that most bus injury claims are filed by elderly as well. Moreover, obesity is a significant cause of bus injuries, especially when traversing bends and sudden turns. In addition, children can also suffer from injuries in bus accidents while travelling to and from school. 

The following are frequently the causes of bus accidents: 

  • Exceeding the speed limit 
  • Confused or drunk drivers 
  • Exhausted drivers 
  • Violations of traffic laws 

Can I Claim Against a Bus Driver’s Negligence? 

If the bus driver was clearly responsible for the accident, you may be eligible to make a claim against the bus company. The company is also responsible for the injuries sustained when boarding or exiting the bus, owing to the driver’s carelessness. 

Below are some examples of bus driver negligence that could result in you sustaining injuries on a bus: 

  • Collision with another vehicle or a solid object 
  • Aggressive deceleration by the driver  
  • defective bus doors while boarding the bus. 
  • Hurting a person on the footpath 
  • Similarly, hurting someone inside a bus station. 
  • Bus drivers who are exhausted  
  • over-exceeding the speed. 

Can I claim against trips and falls on a bus? 

Slips, trips, and falls are common, yet the majority are avoidable if the other party had taken prompt steps to prevent or lessen the danger.  

As a result of the following preventative actions, safe working environment can be provided:  

  • Evaluation of risk 
  • Protective Clothing and Equipment 
  • Ensure to proper training to employees.
  • Implement a strict cleaning maintenance to reduce the risk of falls. 

There are several types of a bus injury, that can arise from tripping, slipping, or falling. Moreover, you can also use our bus accident compensation calculator to evaluate your claim. 

Best Bus Injury and Accident Claims Solicitors

Because an adjuster’s objective is to limit your bus injury claim and resolve it quickly, the bus company will have to pay less for your injuries and suffering. The company would not only pay for your loss of earnings but also for your medical treatment.  

Speak with an expert bus accident solicitor to safeguard your rights. Wallace Legal chose the best solicitors for you who work on a No-Win, No-Fee” basis. You can contact us at any time for a free legal consultation. You can also utilize the chat feature or contact a personal injury claim solicitor via our contact page.