Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents: Causes, Claims, Compensations

In the UK, people often ride bicycles for commuting. Bicycles are the best way to transport from one place to another, and their routes are often shorter. Crossing a few blocks using a car during busy hours becomes challenging as the traffic intensity gets very high. This is where bicycles come in handy.

Although riding a bicycle is fun and easy, accidents can happen on a bicycle too. As per research, in 2019, 4,333 pedal cyclists were seriously injured, and 12,451 were slightly injured. The numbers are significant. In any accident, someone is always responsible. If you ever fall into a bicycle accident without your mistake, then know that you can claim against the responsible one and ask for compensation.

What Are Bicycle Accidents Claims

 The collision with other cyclists, pedestrians, and polls are some of the causes of accidents. A cyclist can also fall into an accident due to uneven pavements. Well, in any case, if your accident isn’t your fault, you have the right to teach a lesson to the responsible one by making a claim and asking for compensation. Here are some causes of bicycle accidents.

  • High-Speeding

No matter how fun cycling is, one must know that two-wheel riding is always dangerous, and extra preventive measures are necessary to have a safe and sound bicycle ride. If a person is riding at high speed, they may cause harm to them and others. Bicycle accidents can cause long-term injuries along with mental traumas.

  • Distractions

Distraction is the most common cause of an accident. No matter how professional and experienced a rider you are, you can cause severe damage to yourself and others if you are distracted. That’s why we always see police restricting us from using phones while driving a car or riding a bicycle.

  • Unsafe Turning

Turns can be dangerous if you are not following rules. Showing negligence while making turns can injure pedestrians as well as riders. Hence, cyclists need to be very careful while making turns.

Who Can Make An Accident Claim

You can claim for a bicycle accident if you have come across any one of the following situations:

  • Pedestrian  

You are walking on a pavement normally, and suddenly a cyclist comes and hits you, and you get severely injured in the process. In this case, you can make a claim and ask for compensation from the cyclist. However, you must make sure whether you were allowed to walk on the pavement or not. For example, you are walking in a cyclist’s lane. In this case, you may not be eligible to make a claim, but the complete opposite can happen, and the cyclist can make a claim against you.

  • Collision With Another Cyclist

Suppose you are riding your bicycle peacefully and some other cyclist hits you so hard that you get injured. In this case, you should claim for not only the injury but also your damaged bicycle.

  • Uneven Road

This case is a bit tricky, and identifying the responsible individual or entity can be challenging. When you are riding your bicycle and fall into an accident due to a damaged, or uneven road, the local authority could be held accountable.

Compensation For Bicycle Accident Claim

A few important steps are required in order to get the maximum compensation for the injuries and damages. It is advisable to keep a record of every single detail of the accident. Each piece of detail is important for making a claim with maximum compensation. After you recover, you should be compensated for the medical expenses. Consider the following points to receive suitable compensation.

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