Average Compensation for Broken Pelvis

Average Compensation for Broken Pelvis 

Hip and pelvic fractures are among the worst types of injuries. These injuries can cause chronic pain, restrictions, and disabilities. However, insurers can use many defenses to avoid liability for pelvic fracture claims. The victim’s age, health, and other factors help you determine your damages. But, pseudo-pelvic fractures and hip shatters can result in high-value damages. Therefore, our personal injury solicitors can help you know the average compensation for broken pelvis, understand your legal rights and options for making a claim. 

Pelvic Anatomy 

Lumbar spine and pelvic bones anchor hips, thighs, and torso muscles. These bones protect vital organs. In addition, your pelvis connects the lower limbs to the spine. Normal motion requires the strength and integrity of the pelvis.  

The hip consists of three bones: the ilium, ischium, and pubis. And, these three join to form the hip socket.  

Causes of pelvic fractures 

Pelvic fractures occur for several reasons. They aren’t common, but they aren’t uncommon either. Meanwhile, a broken pelvis has various causes, such as: 

  • Slips, trips, and falls: from restaurant ice spills to grocery store refrigerator leaks, everything is risky. Everywhere you go, the floor and the stairs should be safe and comfortable. If you fall suddenly, you may injure your pelvis. 
  • Work injury: Workplace injuries are prevalent. Truck drivers, maintenance workers, and construction workers are all at risk for a hip injury at work. If materials fall on you or your waist, it’s irreparable and you can make a claim through the broken hip worker’s comp settlement. 
  • Road traffic accidents: Accidents on the road can crush your pelvis or cause severe blunt-force trauma. Motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous, pinning the rider and fracturing hips and lower back bones. 

Broken Pelvis Symptoms and Treatment 

The signs of a broken pelvis are obvious, especially after an accident or a fall. Following symptoms may occur frequently in case of a broken pelvis: 

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Legs and groin numbness 
  • Urination and bowel problems 
  • Difficulty walking or standing  

Drug therapy and bed rest are common treatments for stable pelvic. Moreover, you’ll need time off work, and yet a full recovery is feasible in a few weeks. Also, delicate care and extensive surgery are sometimes required to avoid or treat organ damage, bleeding, and infection. In some cases, traction and pins, plates, or screws are placed. 

What is the average compensation for broken pelvis? 

You will require a medical evaluation, when pursuing a claim for a pelvic fracture caused by a third party’s negligence. Likewise, the solicitor will question you about your injuries to support your broken pelvis claim as per your personal injury compensation levels. 

Pelvic injuries cause discomfort as well as immobility. Other damages include medication costs, loss of earnings, and public transit costs. In fact, having proof of your claims is very important. Our Compensation injury calculator makes calculating your losses more convenient. 

Claim for a broken pelvis compensation 

Concerned about legal fees? We have No-Win, No-Fee cases, which means no financial risk for you. Firstly, the initial step is to contact our best solicitors in Scotland via phone or email. Road, work, or public accident claims are based on average compensation for a broken pelvis. Wallace Legal can research your claim and advise you on your chances of success. Also, we have the best solicitors for you, who can analyze the value of your claim and advise you on your next moves.