Average Compensation for Being Knocked off Bike

Average Compensation For Being Knocked Off Bike

Bikers get into accidents for a variety of reasons.  It’s possible to make a claim if you’ve hurt yourself while riding. The average compensation for being knocked off bike depends on the degree of the injury and its long-term consequences. Hence, consult Wallace Legal and their best solicitors in Scotland with a proven track record. 

When someone is falls off a bike, the results might be rather diverse. Let’s have a look at the details.  

Common injuries in a bicycle accident 

Cycling injuries range from minor to severe, requiring surgery or leaving lifelong damage. Commonly, cyclists suffer injuries such as: 

  • Road rash 
  • Bruises or cuts 
  • Ankle sprains 
  • Bone fractures 
  • Head injuries 
  • Damage to soft tissue 

Legal process after bike accident 

In the case of any road accident, the insurance provider partially protects the driver. In contrast, a cyclist in a traffic accident may be left to fend for themselves. Thus, if the accident is someone else’s fault, you can make a bicycle accident claim.  

Meanwhile, our clients usually claim the following bicycle accidents: 

  • Side-end collision 
  • Fatal accident claim 
  • Hit and run accidents. 
  • Head-on collision 
  • Rear end collision 
  • Accident with an uninsured driver. 

What is the average compensation for being knocked off bike? 

The overall compensation following a bike accident consists of many distinct factors. For instance, your medical costs and the loss of income in the past or future. Consequently, a personal injury solicitor will calculate your compensation and negotiate on your behalf. 

Moreover, personal injury claims also include the following additional compensation payouts: 

  • severity of the injuries (physical or psychological). 
  • The expense of the bike’s repair 
  • Any personal property damaged in the bike accident. 

However, we also provide an online bicycle accident compensation calculator for injuries. It won’t give you an accurate amount, but a good estimate. Try it now! 

How to determine fault in a bike accident? 

If you have a valid claim, your solicitor will assist you throughout. To know the average compensation for being knocked off bike, you must also have proof of your claim. You may need evidence, such as: 

  • Take photos of the accident scene if you have lost control of your bike due to a car or a road fault. 
  • Take photographs of your injuries and any damage to your bicycle or other personal items. 
  • Accident CCTV, dash cam, or helmet cam footage. 
  • Contact information for any witnesses, as well as driver’s license and insurance information 
  • A medical report outlining your injuries, treatments, recovery prognosis, and any long-term consequences. 
  • If someone is injures themselves in an accident, call the police within 24 hours. 
  • Invoices for any financial losses, such as medical and care fees, bike damage, or lost income. 

We can help you know the average compensation for being knocked off bike. 

We have a team of best solicitors for you who are all enthusiastic bikers. They’ll use their experience to help you with your no-win no-fee accident claim. Similarly, we have a long list of cycling claim examples that we have won. 

Not only this, but we also specialize in vehicle-bicyclist collisions, automobile dooring, and unsafe road conditions. Therefore, we are confident in our ability to collect the recompense you deserve. So, wait no longer and contact us right away!