Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Are You A Victim Of Botched Cosmetic Surgery?| Here Is All You Need To Know

In recent years, the Britains have reportedly spent millions of euros on cosmetic surgeries alone. Yet, a significant number of people were more than disappointed with their results.

Given the increasing number of unsatisfied patients, the crucial question automatically gets raised, i.e. “Is the cause of disappointment is people’s perceptions or if surgeons are not doing their job well?”

Whatever the scenario might be, it is traumatising for the patient. Plus, nothing changes the fact that nobody agrees to spend thousands of euros just to look at themselves in the mirror and feel a sheer amount of disappointment and remorse.

Fortunately, the gravity of the situation has been recognized by the government in the UK. If your plastic surgery has gone wrong or did not turn out how you expected it to be, you can claim ruined plastic surgery.

Furthermore, there are personal Injury Solicitors in the UK who could be hired to back your case. So, if you or somebody you know feels terrible about their botched plastic surgery, read on to this blog. It entails everything you need to know about making claims for inaccurate plastic surgery.

Is Botched Plastic Surgery Considered Medical Malpractice?

It is generally perceived that plastic surgery is purely for the rich people who want to fit into unrealistic beauty standards.

However, plastic surgery is the only hope for people with deformities and several severe medical conditions. That is why many jurors are now seeing reckless plastic surgery as severe medical malpractice.

In cosmetic surgery, one of the most prominent examples of malpractice would be leaving a scalpel or any other tool inside the patient. A mistake as big as this will only be considered negligence by the jury. That said, it is not always easy to prove carelessness in plastic surgery cases.

What are the Challenges Faced in Cosmetic Surgery Cases?

If you are not happy with how you appear in the mirror even after spending thousands of euros on cosmetic surgery, it is indeed unfortunate.

However, your dissatisfaction with the result is not enough to prove the surgeon’s recklessness. Cosmetic surgeries are not elective, and health insurance does not cover them. Thus, no jury can easily find a plastic surgeon’s carelessness as their malpractice.

Moreover, if the patient appears too privileged or vain, the jury could rule against their case.

What types of Conditions are Characterized as Botched Plastic Surgery?

Even some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures can produce serious complications. For instance, there is reduction surgery like rhinoplasty or tummy tucks, break augmentation, liposuction and cosmetic dentistry.

All the surgeries come with a significant percentage risk. However, there is a fine line between risk and medical negligence. In simplest terms, medical negligence is applicable in cases where poor surgery standards are applied, damage of nerves has taken place, defective implants are installed, and severe damage to arteries and organs has occurred.

If one has made a calculated and informed decision regarding their surgery and yet something goes wrong, the burden would only be on the surgeon’s shoulders.

That is because, in such cases, it is solely the professional’s responsibility to show that they could minimise the potential or apparent risk.

Moreover, improper aftercare could also fall under the umbrella of negligence. Thus, if the patient is not asked to follow proper instructions after surgery, they could also claim a personal injury.

Be Wise & Let the Professionals Decide.

As mentioned above, being upset with your post-surgery appearance is not quite the same as falling victim to medical negligence. Nevertheless, if you are determined to make a claim, our personal Injury Solicitors in Edinburgh would be there to help. They would be more than willing to discuss all the facts in your case, as it is essential to determine whether your case is worth the claim.

By the end of the day, all surgeries have inherent risks. Numerous things could make the surgery either successful or unsuccessful. Having said that, if you have some doubts regarding your case, it is best to contact us at Wallace Legal. Our well-experienced solicitors would always be more than ready to discuss your concerns.