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All About Workplace Accidents And Their Claims

It is the duty of an employer to keep their workers safe from all sorts of physical or mental impacts. Employees provide their services to an organisation and in return, there are certain things the employer owes them. The most basic requirement is the provision of a work environment that does not expose the workforce to damage or health risks.

In case you work in an industry where you will be exposed to chemicals or other harmful elements, it is the responsibility of the employer to inform you about it. They must tell you of any health or safety risks you might be under while working with their organisation.

A company is also committed to reporting any accidents that happen within the workplace, paying sick leave to employees, or giving time off in case of damage to a worker.

In case of loss by an accident, an employee has the right to make a workplace accident claim in Scotland. Some people remain confused about whether their injury is big enough for them to be eligible for a claim. Visit a solicitor for advice, and they will surely tell you that you can make a claim if it resulted in minimal kind of loss. For any workplace accident claim to be eligible for compensation, the only condition is that it should be the fault of your employer.

Reporting An Accident At Work

Your employer is meant to report any unfortunate events that happen in the workplace. This includes any physical or mental impact that is considered an injury by the regulatory authority in your country. The Health and Safety Department of Scotland has released regulations that require the owner of businesses, companies and organisations to report:

  1. Fatal health effects
  2. Death
  3. Physical loss, such as a broken leg or ribs
  4. Harmful incidents involving burning or gas exposure
  5. Any other physical or mental injury that strains the employee enough to be unable to perform their daily tasks at work
  6. Any disease caused due to the elements in the surrounding environment

This reporting is to be handled by your employer, but it is a good practice to get involved and stay updated on the developments.

Health And Safety

Every employer who owns a business and has employees should carry out an assessment to identify risks associated with their workplace. Any risk factors that emerge during the assessment are to be eliminated or controlled to keep the employees as well as the visitors of the organisation safe.

The number of first-aiders and the equipment to carry out the first aid should be made available after a thorough evaluation of the workspace. Employees should also realise their responsibility and take precautionary measures to keep themselves away from loss or injury. The health and safety responsibilities of both employees and employers have been notified by the concerned authority in Scotland.

Accident Book

Every employer and employee should make sure that all the injuries occurring within the workplace are recorded in the employer’s accident book. All employers have an accident book, except for those owning very small businesses and workforce.

This becomes a helpful asset in case an employee needs to take some time off work as a result of a workplace injury or make a claim to obtain compensation for their loss. Not only that, the employer can use this record to improve the workspace by removing factors that have become a cause of injuries in the past.

Pay For Sick Leave

You have the right to get paid for sick leave. If you had an accident at work, you can take some time off work to heal and recover from the damage. Review your company policy for payment of off days taken as a result of workplace injury. It might be more than your basic daily salary. Depending upon your condition, they might also agree to pay extra as a way of compensation.

Make A Claim

You may be eligible for a workplace claim if the person at fault for your injury was your employer. Do not delay the process for more than three years, as this is the time limitation for making a claim. You may also need a lawyer’s legal services in order to take up your case in court.

In Scotland, claims for injuries at work are taken quite seriously and solicitors at Wallace Legal know exactly how to handle them. If you have been injured as a result of a workplace accident, make a claim with us and win maximum compensation on a “No Win, No Fee” contract.