Accident in Public Area

Accident In Public Area

Everyday activities in the park, street, or any public area should be free of any risk of injury. Local authorities must ensure your safety when entering their establishments, and also must maintain public highways. However, if you get into an accident in public area, you can make a claim for compensation. Even if you are unsure about who is to blame, make a claim with our best solicitors in Scotland who will research your case to see if you have a claim. 

What are public areas? 

Generally, the most common claims in Scotland are supermarket accident claims. But, public areas also include the following spaces: 

  • park 
  • play areas 
  • gyms  
  • beaches 
  • diners or restaurants 
  • cinemas 

Common types of accident in public area 

You can make compensation claims against local councils for all public places. Still, the causes of such accidents depend upon the location and setting. For instance, 

  • Slips, trips, and falls on wet or uneven floors. 
  • Unsafe staircase 
  • Dim lighting 
  • Extreme temperatures burn 
  • Structural flaws and low ceilings 
  • Extreme weather conditions 
  • Improper security measures 

Accidents in public area – how to make a claim? 

Wallace Legal has a large network of offices, which allows us to represent clients throughout Scotland. If our solicitors believe your claim has merit, we will email the responsible party with details of your accident and injuries.  

Typically, the defender’s public liability or other insurance provider pays these claims, not the business owner or organization. Finally, seek legal advice before settling a claim with an insurance company. In fact, our accident claim lawyers can help you maximize your recovery. 

What to do after an accident in public area? 

After a public area accident, you should go to a hospital for an assessment and treatment. Moreover, you should notify the person in charge of the accident site. Obtain photographic documentation of the malfunction that caused your accident. Similarly, if you can, take photos of your injuries and get witness statements. 

Most importantly, a personal injury claim has a time limit. You cannot make a claim for an accident in public area three years after the accident.  

Consequently, see our website’s section on claim time limitsfor additional information. Also, read our related article for further information and guidance

How much compensation do you get for a fall in a public area? 

The amount of compensation for a public claim accident varies. Furthermore, several factors go into estimating personal injury compensation. For instance, the severity of your damage and how long it has taken or would take you to recover fully.  

Secondly, other factors to consider are lost wages and expenses, such as medical bills. We have the best solicitors for you who can guide you. In addition, we have an online personal injury calculator to give you a precise estimate. 

How can we help you? 

Discuss your public accidents and other types of inhabited premises accidents with our experts. In the same way, we have a lot of expertise in pursuing No-Win No-Fee claims.  

As a result, you may get free consultation for legal help. Call us today or fill out our online form to learn how we can help you.