A Guide To Understanding Claims Regarding Rideshare Companies

Not too long ago, taxis were the only way to hire a car to reach your destination. Given the simplicity of hailing cabs, the claims and lawsuits associated with cab and cabbies were pretty straightforward back then. If a taxi had struck you, you could simply prove the negligence on the cabbie’s end and file a claim against their insurance company. Similarly, if one was harmed in any way during the ride, they could sue the taxi without any hurdle.

That said, rideshares like Uber have muddled the entire process. Now it is highly complicated to prove the guilt and the guilty. If you are interested in finding out how the claims work with such companies, this blog is for you.

What is the risk of Ridesharing services?

Ever since rideshares were introduced, the number of cabs have been growing in the streets. Countless people now use rideshare on a daily basis. However, this has also heightened the safety concerns. That is because studies have shown that the number of vehicle fatalities and fatal accidents have soared because of the rideshare.

Given the shocking number of incidents, taxi drivers are now being subjected to background checks and fingerprinting. That said, the requirement for background checking is quite inconsistent among rideshare companies. Thus, a rideshare passenger does not have anything akin to centralised quality control.

The insurance for rideshare drivers

Another thing that makes rideshare claims less straightforward than taxis are the insurance of the drivers. When it comes to insurance coverage for personal cars, there is a relevant stipulation. This prevents the driver from using the car for making money.

However, as soon the drivers start working for rideshare companies, they begin using the vehicle for commercial use. This implies that the insurance company will not cover if an accident transpires during the commercial ride.

When the rideshare business started, the complications mentioned above indeed created an issue. Therefore, now the rideshare companies offer rideshare insurance. Primarily the coverage is broken down into four categorical situations:

  1. The rideshare driver is not logged into the company’s app. Consequently, there will be no rideshare insurance coverage.
  2. The driver is logged into the app, but they have not accepted the ride.
  3. The driver is logged into the app, accepts the ride, and is en route to the pick-up location.
  4. The driver had picked up the passenger, and they were heading towards the passenger’s destination.

Any gaps left behind by the rideshare insurance coverage can be filled by additional insurance bought by the driver. This will also provide them with the cover in case they are not logged into the app. Thus, if you are subjected to an accident during a rideshare, before making a claim, you need to first find out the applied category, like the ones mentioned above.

As a rideshare passenger, you are covered under the above insurance. However, if any other driver is not found liable, the claim might have to go against the insurance company,

What are the claims against Rideshare companies?

The steps you should take immediately after a rideshare accident are the same as with any other kind of accident. If you happen to be a fellow driver who has been struck by another rideshare driver, try to get names, insurance information, involved parties and contact information.

Moreover, you should also take pictures of the scene from multiple angles, as this will help you strengthen your claim. The same rules are applied if you have been affected as a rideshare passenger. That said, you are further required to get pertinent details regarding the rideshare driver.

Whether you are an affected driver or a passenger, the most critical step is seeking medical attention, even if you suspect minor injuries. Keep in mind that your potential lawsuit will be chiefly based on all of the damages, such as suffering, pain and injury, and you would require medical documentation as proof. If your injury has forced you to miss work, you can also prove your eligibility regarding compensation of lost wages.

Make your claims matter

As mentioned earlier, lawsuits regarding rideshare tend to get quite muddied. Therefore, Wallacelegal is here to help you with all kinds of car accident claims in Glasgow. So call us and make your claims matter!