8 Things You Need To Do After A Car Accident

More than six million accidents occur every year. Luckily most of them involve property damage, not human damage. But one out of three accidents involves personal injury to and these injuries can be fatal or can lead to lifelong paralysis. If you have been involved in any car accident there are some things that you have to do to protect yourself and your life. Mentioned below are ten things you have to do once you are in a car accident.


If you are witnessing any car accidents, don’t run away. Stop there and try to help the victim on the accident spot. 

Protecting the scene

You can also help to stop other car accidents by putting up the flares or keeping on your flashers. If its night time and its dark everywhere and you are not able to open your car lights, always keep a flashlight with you so if you get into this situation you have something to light up and make yourself visible to get help.

Calling the police

Even if there are severe injuries or no it is always a good idea to call the police. You have to file a police report to get the claim from the insurance company. Until unless the police arrive do not try to move the car from the accident spot, let the police inspect the accident spot first. Incase it is blocking the traffic you can park the car aside. 

Making an accurate record

Once the police arrive at the accident spot, tell them everything that happened during the investigation. Make sure you tell them every minor detail. If you don’t remember the whole accident scene tell this also to do the officer. Don’t try to guess or misstate the facts of the accidents. For instance; if they ask you about any injury and if you are not sure about it tell them exactly that you are not sure. Usually, there is this possibility that the injuries you get from the accident cannot be seen at the time of accidnet it take few hours for the actual collision. Make sure that the other person involved in the accident is stating everything accurately. 

Taking pictures

If you are having a camera in your car or having a smartphone with you, take clear pictures of the damage of the car cause by the accidnet. If there are any visible wounds take picture of them as well. Try not to interrupt the ongoing investigation of the police. Try to take the pictures from your end without disturbing the police investigation. This will help you keep the reacord for yourself in the future if any issue come up with the accident. 

Exchanging information

Ordinarily, the cop acquires this data. In any case, if the police don’t react to the accident, you ought to acquire the name, address and phone number of all people associated with the accident, drivers and travelers the same. You ought to likewise acquire data about protection by requesting to see the protection card for all vehicles associated with the mishap. In the event that there are observers, you ought to get data from them too so you or your lawyer can get in touch with them later on. On the off chance that police react to the mishap, the exploring official normally will give all drivers a police report number. You can utilize that number later to acquire the police report. In the event that the mishap happens on a public parkway, you should demand the report from the state police.

Protecting your rights

 The most important thing you have to do after getting intio an accident is that you have to ask for the car accident compensation claims. It is essential for you so that your lawyer can help you ton protect and also make sure that all of the important evidences are safe or no. the insurance companies sometimes makes hard to get the car accident claims but if your are hiring a professional personal injury lawyer they can helo you to get your claim without any hustle. 

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