7 Common Back Injuries That Lead To Lawsuits

There are various causes of back injuries, but primarily they result from an auto car accident, workplace incident falls, and injuries resulting from criminal violence. Irrespective of how you received a back injury, you are bound to find it absolutely debilitating. As a matter of fact, it can hamper you to continue going about your business like you used to.

In this blog, we will enlighten you about common back injuries that can lead to lawsuits. These injuries usually lead to major lawsuits, and oftentimes they make you go through unbearable pain and cover hefty medical bills.

Compression fractures

Although compression fractures are characterised by old age, they can happen to anyone because of a severe accident. The common symptoms of compression fractures include severe pain that usually gets aggravated while standing or walking.

It can also be troublesome if you try to twist or your spine gets bent. If you have been subjected to a compression fracture, you will likely feel pain during all the activities requiring you to bend down and pick things up.

Serious nerve damage

Irrespective of the severity of your nerve damage, it can be a source of unbearable pain that travels all across your body. Similar to a disc injury, nerves can be subjected to cutting if confronted with high pressure.

Although the majority of the nerve injuries are permanent, the victim of nerve damage has to visit a doctor to take expensive measures to reduce the intensity of pain.

Severe disc injuries

Your vertebral disc is like cushions of your spine that rest in between each vertebra. Given its analogy of cushion, the disc also feels similar to jelly. Unlike sturdy bones like cranium and pelvic girdles, vertebral discs tend to be relatively thinner and softer. That is because the primary function of these bones is to help you bend and twist.

Given the less sturdy texture of these discs, they are prone to a number of injuries resulting from accidents and falls. Injuries to vertebral discs are referred to as ‘Herniated discs’.

Herniated discs are, although more commonplace in the lower back, but can also appear in one’s neck. The symptoms of herniated discs may include arm pain, back pain, leg pain, weakness and bizarre tingling sensation.

Since vertebrae are designed to encase the spinal cord, any damage to them can also influence the victim’s spine. This can prompt a really strong relationship with one’s nervous system. Other responses to such conditions are back, and leg ache.

Sprain and strains

Strains usually occur when the muscle fibres tear apart or get overstretched. As a result of this overstretching, the tissue gets inflamed, and intense pain is generated.

The condition followed by sprain and strain usually varies from person to person. Some people might experience muscle spasms or twitching, and some might have to confront limitations in their usual motion.

Vertebral fracture

The vertebrae from the spinal cord and it is designed to protect. However, force injuries can render these structures crack.

The injury followed by fracture could be mild and severe. That said, no matter how mild a fracture is, it can cause significant mental and physical discomfort.

Not to mention that vertebral fractures demand complicated surgeries, which could leave you in pain plus empty a bank account.

Injuries related to the spinal cord

Like every other complicated injury, spinal cord injuries can drastically vary in severity.  The damage to one spinal cord can render the victim lose their ability to move. Furthermore, it can also render the victim lose voluntary control of their bladder, plus it also influences one’s reproductive function.

Aside from intense pain, people with spinal cord injuries exhibit commonly found symptoms like numbness, difficulty breathing, weakness and from time to time tingling. Not to mention some people experience paralysis all across their bodies after their spinal cord injury.

Neck injuries

Neck pain usually feels stiff in the neck region. That said, the aftermath of neck injuries can extend beyond the feeling and sensation.

Neck pain can also impact the victim’s joints and bones in the backside.

What should you do if a back injury occurs?

If you are going through a significant back injury because of somebody else’s fault, you have every legal right to demand compensation. At Wallace Legal, our legal team of Personal Injury Solicitors are here to assist you with your case.