6 Most Common Causes Resulting In Medical Negligence

The health field is the most sensitive and important in our lives, leading to the development of strict protocols regarding medical procedures and practices in Scotland. However, when health care professionals do not follow medical procedures and practices well, the result is medical negligence. As a result, patients may suffer serious injuries and even deaths due to serious negligence incidents. In a medical malpractice case, health professionals or organisations should compensate the patient (victim), otherwise, victims have the right to submit compensation claims with the help of accident lawyers in Scotland.

Most Common Causes That Result In Medical Negligence

Among the most common causes of medical negligence recognised by the courts, leading to the obligation to compensate, are as follows:


Negligence in the medical sector happens when a health professional treating a patient has wrongly diagnosed the signs and symptoms. Therefore, they may fail in making a good diagnosis. It also happens when the doctor has little training to perform some diagnostic or therapeutic intervention.

Malpractice can be considered medical negligence. If, as a result of it, a person has been injured, they have the right to claim compensation with the help of a lawyer.


A doctor is irresponsible when acting recklessly and is disproportionately confident that the clinical picture a patient presents is not as significant as it really is. 

It also happens when the health professional perceives that a patient’s complications of a serious nature are not going to happen. Health professionals take essential measures to prevent these potential consequences.

However, patients have to know that if injuries or other damages are caused by a lack of caution in practical affairs, it is perceived as medical negligence and could be claimed.

Mistake in Surgical Intervention

Surgical intervention is always a very sensitive matter. Operating theatres are not places we like to go through, but sometimes it is essential to recover our health in case of serious injuries.

In Scotland, an overwhelming majority of surgical interventions performed annually are successful and uncomplicated. Nevertheless, patients may experience unsuccessful surgeries, and thus their outcomes may be long-standing and devastating. Some surgical procedures include risks, but the surgeon’s or hospital’s negligence leading to medical complications or injuries to the patients entitles them to make a surgery error compensation claim.

Diagnostic Mistake or Error

A diagnostic error can cause multiple consequences, and some of them are very serious. At first, it is essential to consider that a lack of use of means may cause the error. It means the health professionals have not used all possible means to diagnose the disease or health complications.

In addition, if after several visits to the hospital for a health problem, the doctor delays doing tests to diagnose. If this has consequences for your recovery or causes damage, you can claim compensation.

Inappropriate Medication Prescription

Prescribing the wrong medication is also a very common negligent act made by the doctor. Although this mistake rarely happens, it is possible the doctor prescribes inappropriate medications that can make the patient’s condition worse, or the doctor does not advance recovery. In that case, the patient has the right to claim it.

The reason behind this negligence is that the doctor may diagnose the health condition or diagnose the wrong disease. Consequently, they prescribe the wrong or inappropriate medications.

Whenever you get a treatment, health professionals are responsible for informing the patients of the typical risks of said treatment. Even when it is for a simple cold/flu in which you take paracetamol, they must inform you in the medication’s record.

In most treatments, doctors usually make patients sign a sheet with this information, in order to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their duty to inform.

However, you may suffer injury or damage without informed consent. So, you may claim compensation, although it is not easy to establish the lack of informed consent.

We have seen some most common causes of medical negligence. We hope you do not have to suffer from any, but if unfortunately, it has happened to you, Wallace Legal can help you. We have the ‘No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Policy in Scotland,’ suggesting you do not have to pay until the lawyer wins the case. If you are looking for an expert compensation solicitor, contact us, get a free consultation, and submit your compensation claims with confidence.