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6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Personal Injury Compensation Claim

When mistakes happen with your personal injury claim, you may face delay that affects your settlement process. By hiring a competent personal injury solicitor in Glasgow, you can avoid many mistakes.

Personal injuries are generally perceived as accidents and typically occur due to another person’s negligence. Given the digital and internet era, it is not uncommon for personal injury victims to hunt for different options before hiring a solicitor. In doing so, they end up making many mistakes that put their claim at greater risk.

Possible Mistakes

To avoid possible mistakes, don’t intentionally take the incorrect steps while pursuing a case. You will do everything as it should be from your end. You would also inform police personnel immediately after the case. You would get and send medical bills on time. Even then, there are mistakes occurring through no fault of your own. These include the following:

  1. Take your time to Submit the claim 

Generally, you are allowed to present your case within three years from the date of the accident. While it seems that you are given more than enough time to make your claim, it is advisable to not wait for a longer period. If you wait for a longer period, you may suffer more. You may see your case itself would get more complex, as the pieces of evidence may be distorted from what they were when they hit you.

  1. Missing documents

Any evidentiary document, such as police report, spot images, medical history, insurance policy, and others, is essential. You need to make sure everything is in order. If you miss any, it may give the insurance company more ammunition to delay or deny your claim.

  1. Saying anything publicly 

Do not say anything publicly that is associated with your case. That may include your social media opinions or informal communication with the insurer or somebody who may be linked with them. Your opinion may be more of dissent or based on criticism that could significantly affect your claim.

  1. Not claiming for what you deserve

Declaring the full value of what you deserve is essential. Your accident injury not only entitles you to medical treatment but also loss of wages, unemployment, changes to lifestyle, temporary or permanent disability, and more. Make sure you don’t miss any details the first time. You won’t get a second chance to claim what you miss out on.

  1. Settling for a quick claim

Pursuing a case yourself may require several years of complications to reach a desirable result. The insurer may offer you an easy way out by offering you a quick early settlement. Take it for granted that this payoff amount won’t come anywhere near what you deserve. If you come to a settlement for that, you are done. You can now submit a claim associated with them.

  1. Not hiring a personal injury solicitor

You may not understand so many loopholes and legal complexities. A competent personal injury solicitor understands them well and can guide you through them. They can also make sure that you get maximum compensation without having to wait forever. The sooner you have an experienced solicitor on your side, you will lower your chances of failure or making common mistakes.

The best way to stay informed and involved in the settlement process is to ask questions about your case. Remember that you chose an experienced solicitor to help with your settlement from start to end. It would help you if you ask questions about anything they do concerning your case. If you feel your solicitor is not handling your case properly, you can seek another.

If you are worried about your fee, don’t worry about this aspect. Personal injury solicitors at Wallace Legal do not charge an upfront fee. They work on a contingency fee, meaning that you only have to pay them after winning your case. Otherwise, they don’t charge you. They put a lot at stake for you and have their interests to secure. So, expect them to do their best for your personal injury claim.

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