4 Causes Of Car Accidents Leading Victims To Hire Personal Injury Lawyers In Scotland

Car accidents on the highways and streets of Scotland often result in harsh consequences, even deaths. This can be due to various reasons, which are discussed later. Whatever the reason is, the role played by personal injury lawyers in Scotlandis praiseworthy, as they help victims recover their expenses through a compensation claim. This post covers some causes of car accidents resulting in serious injuries and leading victims to contact lawyers.

Causes Of Road Accidents Leading Victims To Hire Personal Injury Lawyers In Scotland

Here, you will find the most common factors that result in car accidents and severe injuries. To find how a lawyer can help you, keep reading this blog!

Negligence at Roundabouts

Car accidents can frequently happen at roundabouts or intersections if a driver is not paying attention to proper driving. Accidents often happen when a car tries to make a left turn and does not see a vehicle entering the intersection. Accidents can also happen if a driver runs a red light or ignores traffic signals. These collisions can result in serious injuries, as they often involve a car being hit from the front or the side.

Some of the roundabouts in Scotland to be especially alert are:

  • Sheriffhall roundabout, on the Edinburgh city bypass near Dalkeith
  • Pirnhall – off the M9 and M80 south of Stirling
  • Broxden, where the A9 and M90 meet in Perth
  • Bankhead on the A92 in Glenrothes
  • Keir, where the M9 meets the A9 south of Dunblane

Afterwards, you need to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to submit a car accident claim to recover all medical expenses and other damages. An expert lawyer requires the victim to share the correct evidence from the accident spot. Afterwards, the lawyer helps the victim know their legal rights before speaking with the other driver’s insurance firm.

Distracted Driving

Regardless of all the warnings about the dangers of distracted driving, many drivers continue to engage in risky behaviour. This can include texting and driving, fiddling with the radio, adjusting the car temperature, calling on the phone, drinking coffee, eating, or numerous other actions. All these distractions take your eyes off the road.

Drivers may justify looking at a text or picking up their coffee by saying they were just taking their eyes off the road for a second. Unfortunately, all these distractions can result in serious car accidents and injuries.

If a person is hit by a distracted driver, hiring a competent personal injury lawyer in Scotland is prudent to submit a compensation claim.

Drunken Driving

Transport Scotland stated that 142 people were expired, 1,539 suffered serious injuries, and 3,311 were slightly injured in road accidents in 2020. In addition, 490 child casualties were reported in that year, representing 10% of all casualties. The road accidents took the lives of six children, whereas 176 children suffered serious injuries. Usually, these accidents may happen due to drunken driving and distractions.

If a drunk driver hits a person, the victim should seek a reliable car accident solicitor to claim compensation. This claim is for any injuries suffered by a victim and damages to their vehicle.


It would not surprise you to learn that many drivers drive faster than the speed limit on Scottish roads and highways. Overspeeding can limit the amount of time a driver has to react to a sudden situation and may require more room to decelerate to avoid the accident. Speeding drivers can cause rear-end collisions and may be more likely to be a major cause of a rollover accident, as speeding can cause a driver to lose car control.

If a person experienced a car accident and has suffered injuries, and the other driver was at fault due to overspeeding, the injured person may have a case against the driver. As the person hires a solicitor, they will need copies of the police report and witness testimony to establish that the other driver’s overspeeding led to the accident.

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