3 Major Reasons Why Amputation Leads To High Compensation?

There is barely anything more devastating than losing a body part. Especially if you are losing a limb, like a leg or an arm, it can change your life forever. Not only can it keep you from doing the things that were once a piece of cake for you, but it can also influence people’s perceptions of you.

Amputation due to natural or valid medical reasons is quite frightening, the prospective amputee at least gets enough time and consultation to mentally prepare themselves before their big loss. However, having to face such a horrifying situation because of somebody else’s is a whole other story. In such cases, the victim is unable to mentally recover from the loss.

That is why accident claims regarding amputations usually involve severe damages. Here are some of the things that could significantly increase the value of amputation injury claims:

The requirement for prosthetics

In order to lead satisfactory lives, amputees usually require prosthetics. The prosthetics are fake limbs that are placed in the vacant space of a lost limb. These fantastic inventions allow amputees to gain some semblance of normalcy in their everyday lives.

That said, prosthetics do not come cheap. Depending on the material, a prosthetic limb can easily cost thousands of euros.

The cost of prosthetics depends upon factors like:

Type of prosthetic

Prosthetic comes in many types. If some are manual, the others will be electrical.

The prosthetic’s capability

Thanks to advancing technology, some prosthetics can allow you to dance, climb stairs and run fast. The cost of such extraordinary prosthetics will understandably be higher than the ones that could simply allow you to walk on even surfaces.

The amputation type

Depending upon your amputation, your prosthetics will be different. Not every prosthetic can cost the same.

 For instance, the prosthetic of your lower leg will be different from the prosthetic of the entire leg.

Besides everything, you cannot possibly use one prosthetic for a lifetime. That is why most amputees have to replace their prosthetics after every few years. Thus, the defendant of the amputation ought to pay for the future costs as well.

The injury’s permanence

The permanent injury can alter one’s life forever. Especially if amputation is permanent, you will be bound to confront the aftermath for as long as you live. 

The damages characterised by such effects can be truly traumatising.  Here are a few examples of the adversity faced by permanent amputees:

Diminishing quality of life

Hardly any amputee enjoys the quality of their life post-amputation. Especially if you are an athlete or sportsman, your injury can hamper you from enjoying the activities that constitute a massive part of your life.

Sometimes it can even keep you from participating in any sort of physical activity. This can be traumatising for people whose life purpose revolved around certain sports or physical activity.

Moreover, amputation can make you struggle with your personal care, such as bathing and cleaning. 

Suffering and pain

Amputation not just includes physical agony, but it can also cause significant emotional pain. Therefore, even if the physical agony fades away, the emotional pain would remain.

In a lot of cases, emotional pain is dealt with through a series of expensive therapy sessions.

Loss of future income

Victims of accidents who heal from their injuries can continue their work and earn their livelihood like they used to. That said, the resumption might not be as easy for amputees.

Amputation can not just end your career, but it can also prevent you from performing your old tasks. Given how much people invest in their careers, this might make an amputee feel as though they have been robbed of their future.

The Rehabilitation need

The majority of amputees need quite lengthy and pricey rehabilitation. Suppose you wonder what type of rehabilitation is needed after amputation. Here is our list:

The physical rehabilitation

Since people are not born with the ability to use a fake limb as their own, they need some assistance to get accustomed to it.  This is where physical rehabilitation comes into play.

Physical therapy is also needed by people who do not get prosthetics, as this kind of therapy accelerates recovery and balance.

Psychological therapy

Although this does not get much discussed, losing a body part can affect one’s mental well being. This loss can not just leave you depressed and it can also fill your days and nights with uncontrollable anxiety and stress.

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